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Carpet Stretching Services

Is your carpet doing “The Wave”? 

Over time, your home’s carpets can stretch out, sag, and ripple — especially in high-traffic areas like hallways, living rooms, and bedrooms. If your carpet is looking worn and wavy, it may seem like your only hope is to replace it. But many times people who think they need to replace their carpet are surprised to find that re-stretching makes their carpets good as new! 

Let Horry Carpet Cleaning & Restoration bring your sagging, worn-down carpet back to life!

We carefully stretch loose carpet using high-end, professional equipment that is designed to remove the bumps and lumps and make your carpet flat and looking great again. 

Starting on one side of the room, we stretch your carpets all the way to the other side, pulling all of the slack and loose carpet tight and flat again. Once we’re done, you’ll have smooth, beautiful floors that will last longer, feel better, and just about look like new! 

Are you ready to have smooth, flat carpet again?

Let Horry Carpet Cleaning & Restoration stretch your carpet and make it look like new! Call us at (843) 213-1009 for a FREE estimate today and we will be happy to help restore your floors ASAP. 

Carpet Stretching Before & After

Carpet Stretching Brings Wavy Carpet Back To Life!

Restore your carpet’s youth! At Horry Carpet Cleaning & Restoration, we specialize in carpet stretching and new carpet installation. Our experienced technicians will remove bumps, lumps, waves & wrinkles from your carpet to make it look brand new again! Call for more information today! Send us a message below, or call (843) 213-1009 for immediate service.


Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote on carpet stretching services. Send us a message below and our carpet experts will be happy to help!

Why Choose Horry Carpet Cleaning & Restoration?

Carpet & floors are our passion, and we strive to give the very best service and value to our neighbors in Myrtle Beach. While there are certainly other carpet companies out there, none of the other guys will give you high-quality, lasting results anywhere close to what we provide. Here’s why:

Professional Carpet Stretching Tools

Today, most carpet installers use a knee-kicker to install and “stretch” carpet. This is a simple, relatively inexpensive tool that you can get at just about any hardware store. The problem is, knee-kickers don’t properly stretch carpet. They just push the carpet towards the wall a bit, but don’t really stretch anything. The carpet may look nice and smooth for a while… but typically 6-8 months later, your carpet will begin to roll and sag because it was not stretched well. 

When we install or re-stretch carpet, we use a professional carpet stretcher that is heavy and built specifically for stretching carpets the right way. Our trained carpet technicians will start on one side of the room and go all the way to the other side, pulling all of the slack out of the carpet and making it tight against the floor. Once carpet has all of the looseness pulled out, we fix the carpet in place seamlessly with the wall and baseboards. When the job is done, you’d never know your carpet needed stretching to begin with!

We Move Furniture For You

Don’t worry – we take care of all the heavy lifting for you. Our carpet technicians will carefully clear any furniture from the room that needs to be moved in order for us to stretch your carpet. Then, we’ll put everything back good as new! 

All Workmanship Guaranteed

Horry Carpet Cleaning & Restoration takes pride in our business and the service we provide to our customers. Our workmanship is guaranteed on all carpet cleaning, stretching, installation & restoration projects. 

Ready To Fix Your Stretched Out, Worn-Down Carpet? Call Us Today!