Our Tile Cleaning Includes:

  • Multi-Surface heavy duty cleaning
  • Deep clean & sanitize floors
  • Our cleaning uses no harsh chemicals
  • Our cleaning eliminates odors and stains

With Our Carpet Cleaning Service:

  • We remove spill stains
  • We remove traffic stains
  • Our system loosens set-in dirt
  • Our cleaning eliminates odors

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our customer relations as we are passionate to clean your home or office.

Horry Carpet Cleaning reviews:  Our entire company is focused around the customer. Our cleaning delights thousands of customers and our low-price points ice the cake.

Our certified technicians are trained in the most current processes and state-of-the-art technologies to meet that standard. We make sure our carpet cleaning technicians are knowledgeable of any recommendations or warranty requirements by the manufacturers to know how to clean your carpet and upholstery thoroughly while protecting it along the way. We have researched and use the most technologically advanced equipment with the safest products on the market, while protecting your investment from the moment we begin the job until the carpets are completely finished.

If you love a clean home, look no further than hiring Horry Carpet Cleaning and Restoration. We are hands-on leaders who are passionate about sanitizing and freshening your home or office. Our equipment technology coupled with powerful natural ingredient solutions is what makes our results, a better kind of different. Give us a try and join the ever-growing customer base that demands better cleaning at a great price.

Horry Carpet Cleaning and Restoration uses a hot water extraction system to remove the toughest stains and even hazardous allergens. This process begins with the application of a safe detergent-based solution.  Once the detergent has had time to penetrate the carpet, we use an automatic cleaning tool to extract the residue and particles from the carpet. We do this process without causing any damage to the padding or carpet fibers. We can clean even the toughest stains from oil and paint to kid’s dirty spills to help make your carpet look like new again.

Horry Carpet Cleaning and Restoration’s professional tile and ceramic cleaning process will leave your tile and grout surface as clean as the day you moved into your new home. Our cleaning agents are far superior to available retail tile cleaning products.  Horry Carpet and Restoration will use our high-grade tile and grout cleaner to remove the dirt, grime and other residues that build up over time.

Indoor air quality can become many times dirtier than outdoor air quality because of germs that accumulate in your carpet. Obviously, overtime, bacteria and germ buildup happen if you do not ensure proper and hygienic carpet cleaning. Your carpet can therefore, become a source of diseases and allergies that effect children, adults, and pets alike.

Your carpet is a filter that grabs the settled dust and dirt, and with normal walking, you only grind it in further You may never notice it but there is deeply embedded dirt and dust under your carpet. Dirt and dust are the primary causes of most allergies and what people think of as “the common cold”. You can never get rid of carpet dirt and dust through vacuum cleaning alone.

By getting professional carpet cleaning services by Horry Carpet Cleaning and Restoration, you will be able to effectively prevent the spread of common diseases in your home. Remember, only surface dirt and dust are removed by your regular vacuum cleaning.  Horry Carpet Cleaning and Restoration will use highly specialized cleaning agents and methods in order to remove deeply embedded dirt in your carpet. Because of this, the air quality inside your home will dramatically improve. 

With the help of professional carpet cleaning, your carpet can be restored to its original quality so you can enjoy your carpet for a very long time. You can actually damage your carpet if you clean it inappropriately. Horry Carpet and Restoration uses commercial grade carpet cleaning agents used specifically for cleaning materials for tough stains. These carpet cleaning agents are tough on dirt but will be sensitive to the fabric of your carpet. Carpet cleaning professionals also employ new techniques in drying your carpet. With the professional methods of carpet cleaners, your carpet can be restored to its former beauty. 

If you do not know anything about carpet materials and the proper cleaning agents for them, then you should never attempt to clean your carpet on your own. Professional carpet cleaners have the necessary knowledge about different carpet types. That is why they will know what cleaning materials are needed in order to protect your carpet. They will also know the right procedures of carpet cleaning. Because of this, your carpet will be protected from damages. Bare minimum, you need your carpets professionally cleaned at least once every six months. You might want to schedule frequent carpet cleaning if there are pets or children in the house. If this is the case, professional cleaning should be done every three months.