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Horry Carpet Cleaning and Restoration’s professional tile and ceramic cleaning process will leave your tile and grout surfaces sparkling clean and looking as if brand new!

We use professional cleaning agents that are far superior to any retail tile cleaning product. Using high-grade tile and grout cleaner, we carefully remove grime, dirt, and other residues that have built up over time.

Our professional technicians restore the original color and condition of all types of tile and grout– improving the beauty, and cleanliness of your tile surfaces while also protecting and prolonging their life and durability. 

If your tile looks like it could use freshening up, call Horry Carpet Cleaning & Restoration for fast, professional cleaning service for all ceramic, tile, and grout. 

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Let Horry Carpet Cleaning restore your tile and grout surfaces to like-new condition! Our experienced technicians sanitize and scrub tile surfaces with professional-grade cleaners to remove stubborn dirt and grime and restore the color and beauty of your tile and grout. For quick and expert service, send us a message below or call (843) 213-1009 to get a quote or schedule tile cleaning service.


We are happy to offer free, no-obligation quotes for ceramic and tile cleaning. Send us a message and we will call to set up your cleaning consultation!

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We clean all types of tile and take care to use the right cleansers and processes for your specific tiles in your home. 


Quarry Tiles

Quarry tile is a clay ceramic bathroom tile design that lets the natural clay colors stay intact. The mixture of different clays used as well as the level of heat used to bake them make the color of these tiles. Unglazed, these tiles are porous and slip-resistant.


Glazed Tiles

Glazed tiles are available in a number of finishes. Bathroom tile design is usually matte or non-slip rough finished tiles. Because glazed tiles are coated in a very high gloss finish, they can become quite slippery when wet and are better suited for backsplashes and decorative accents than bathroom floors.


Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tile is simply ceramic tile that has been baked at much higher temperatures. This type of bathroom tile design is extremely good for busy areas of your home because of the baking process. They are much harder and more durable than regular ceramic tiles, making them a great choice for bathroom floors.


Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic bathroom tile designs are a slight variation on the quarry tiles. These tile designs show the natural colors of the clay but have color pigments added as well and are great for that earthy look of natural clay.